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Museum of the American Railroad - ллллл (Rated 5/5 Stars)


We always enjoy our visits to the Museum of the American Railroad located at the Fair Park complex in Dallas, Texas.  What makes this so special is that they have a collection of vintage steam, diesel and electric locomotives that you can walk right up a touch. In fact, they have stairs rigged next to the cabs of selected units so you can even climb into the cab to get a hands-on look at the early days of railroading.

Our three favorite displays are the Union Pacific #4018 "Big Boy" Steam locomotive, the Union Pacific DDA40X "Centennial" #6913 diesel electric locomotive, and perhaps our favorite--the Santa Fe Railway F7A #49 diesel electric locomotive in full "Red Bonnet" colors. This is only a partial listing of the 30 plus locomotives and power units on display.

In addition to the locomotives above, the museum also has a large collection of Pullman Sleeping cars, parlor and club cars, and other passenger cars that are hard to find in such good condition. We also want to mention the cabooses which are always fun to see.

The museum is planning a move from its current location to a new location in Frisco, Texas some time in 2010. For more information, visit the museums website at .


Museum of the American Railroad

3800 Parry Avenue (Located at Fair Park where the State Fair of Texas is held)

Dallas, Texas 75119

(214) 428-0101

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