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Red River Railroad Museum - ллллл (Rated 5/5 Stars)


What a wonderful day we had during a recent visit to the Red River Railroad Museum located in the historic Katy Depot in downtown Denison, Texas.  This unique museum features memorabilia from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas ("MKT" or "Katy") Railroad. 

One of the most unique displays is a wooden mock-up of a locomotive cab containing a MKT version of the Microsoft Train Simulator program complete with a realistic RailDriver control console. Children can enter the cab, shut the door, and escape into the world of railroading on a number of routes and MKT consists---all within the air-conditioned comfort of the depot building.

The Museum also features a huge, large-screen projection room showing historic railroad films. For those needing a place to sit and rest during the tour, this is the perfect place to relax for a few moments.

Our favorite part of the museum was its "Rolling Stock" display (shown below) located on the tracks outside the facility. It includes a very unique, historic EMD F3 unit bearing MKT colors and the number of 401B. This unit holds a very unique distinction in MKT history that we won't spoil for you. Be sure to ask the staff about it's rich heritage.

Perhaps the best part of our visit was the kind, sincere hospitality extended to all visitors by the volunteer staff of the Museum. We instantly felt welcome and enjoyed chatting about railroad history.

For a more information, visit the Red River Railroad Museum's website by clicking here:


Red River Railroad Museum

101 East Main Street, Suite 145

Denison, Texas 75020


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